Teacher’s Pest | Jasmine Jae, Small Hands

Arriving for his massage, Small Hands greets masseuse Jasmine Jae. Small Hands’ face lights up as he recognizes Jasmine as his former high school teacher! Jasmine seems a bit embarrassed that Small Hands is seeing her in this environment but sheepishly admits that she remembers him too. He was a very shy kid from what she recalls. Yeah, he agrees, and a bit chubby too, so that didn’t exactly help his confidence! Jasmine is still a teacher and gives massages as a second job, since a teacher’s salary doesn’t quite pay the bills on it’s own.

Small Hands admits that he had a HUGE crush on Jasmine. In fact, if he’s being honest, he STILL does…She politely laughs it off and tells him that she’ll get him another masseuse. She doesn’t think that it would be appropriate for her to massage him–she still remembers him as that young student sitting across from her, eager to learn.

He casually mentions that he’s not young anymore, in fact, he’s 21 now, all grown-up…in college and EVERYTHING! So…no harm, no foul! She again declines politely, saying that she even so, she has a policy that she doesn’t massage anyone that she knows since things can easily get awkward in those situations. He counters, playfully stating that she DOESN’T really know him, she only knew him as a student, and he wants her to get to know him NOW.

She firmly declines his advances again. Frustrated at her rejections, he threatens to tell the school about her second job unless she gives him a NURU massage. Jasmine is very worried and agrees.

They hop into the shower together. Despite her unhappiness at the circumstances, she can’t help but be attracted to him. She washes him, trying to hide her growing attraction.

In the massage room, she body slides on his front and it doesn’t take long for it to become increasingly erotic. Eventually, caught up in the moment, he tries to take things to the next level. Jasmine is still a little reluctant. Can she really trust him? He reassures her, saying that even though he went about it the wrong way, he’s wanted this for so long and he’s not about to screw it up now. She smiles, lowering her mouth to his cock.

Looks like Small Hands isn’t shy ANYMORE!

Rates : 58