Married With Stepchildren | Lauren Phillips, Zoey Monroe & Johnny Castle

Married with Stepchildren is the perfect comedy for families who just cannot seem to get along. With all the tension between Peggy, played by banging MILF Lauren Phillips, and her cranky husband, Al, it seems like everyone is wondering what is keeping these two together. Could it be their annoying stepchildren? Well, that is about to be tested when Kelly, played by sexy Zoey Monroe, finds out that Al is actually her stepdad after taking a DNA test. At the same time, Bud, learns that he was adopted! The only way to fix this comical conundrum is for this angsty suburban family to strip down and fuck. Al bones Kelly into orgasmic oblivion while the sexy redhead Peggy takes Bud for the ride of his life. They all get their share of sexual healing, and the family feud cums to a pleasing end. Sitcoms have never been so sexy!

Rates : 44