All Those Lonely Nights | Tina Kay, Toby

Tina Kay has been waiting for her husbands call all day since it is their anniversary. When she finally gets him on the phone, she finds out that he will not be coming home to celebrate with her. Tina is upset, and when another man shows up at her doorstep, she cannot hide her emotions. She has been so lonely without her husband, spending nights all by herself. She just misses making love to him. Our stud listens intently, and then makes his move. He kisses Tina, and then carries her into her bedroom. They get on the bed together, and Tina pulls down her top, revealing her glowing, gorgeous titties. Our stud pulls out his poker, and Tina takes it in her mouth, sticking her tongue out as she tries to get as much of his shaft down her throat as she can. Then, she climbs on top and takes a pounding from our studs meat, making up for all the time she spent fantasizing about having a nice throbbing cock inside of her. But just as he busts, they hear Tinas husband at the door. Better clean up quick, you two!

Rates : 68