Anti Bullying Bang | Lauren Phillips, Isabella Nice

Lauren Phillips is a protective mother, so when she hears that her daughter is being bullied at school, she is not too happy about it. She finds out the name of the girl who is doing the bullying, and is immediately on the case. The name is Isabella Nice. Lauren quickly finds her social media page, and is even able to pinpoint exactly where she lives. She heads over to Isabellas house and as soon as she opens the door, Lauren pushes her inside and pins her up against a wall. Isabella tries to deny that she has been bullying Laurens daughter, but Lauren is having none of it. To punish Isabella, she puts Isabella on her hands and knees and makes her crawl into her bedroom. Isabella gets naked, and then Lauren decides to teach her a lesson. She puts on a strapon and manhandles her, making sure Isabella never bullies her daughter again. Looks like all this situation needed was a little adult intervention!

Rates : 26