Examine | Emylia Argan, Paula Shy | 2018

Gorgeous Paula Shy strokes herself sensually as Andrej Lupin’s stylishly sexy “Examine” begins. The camera cuts back and forth between the Asian beauty fingering her shaved pussy in reality, and her fantasy, where she’s naked and at the mercy of stunning Emylia Argan. Paula’s fantasy lover sucks her pussy with great intensity, slipping her tongue between her juicy folds, then kissing her to let her taste her own sweetness. Emylia straddles Paula’s pretty face, rocking her hips as Paula spreads her open and licks her skillfully. Her big breasts jiggle delightfully as Paula strums her clit hard, making her moan and shake her way to a powerful orgasm. Paula fucks herself with a glass dildo as she imagines herself on her knees, being drilled from behind by Emylia’s feverishly thrusting fingers. Her eyes close and her mouth gapes open in ecstasy as Emylia frigs her harder, deeper and faster, driving her over the edge into a fierce climax. As Paula’s perfect body quakes uncontrollably in her fantasy, it does the same in reality, convulsing around the dildo. She smiles through the afterglow as she pictures herself in her tender lover’s arms.

Rates : 3