The Sultry Blonde – Katie Morgan (2018)

Our introduction to slender blonde Katie Morgan occurs in the kitchen as she pokes around in the cabinets for a little breakfast…we see her already looking amazing in a form fitting blue dress that shows her tight curves, and she quickly tugs down the top to flash a nipple before hiking up the hem to reveal that she has no panties on underneath! She loves to masturbate in the morning and soon we see her slipping her fingers between her thighs to start off the day. She’s in the mood for penetration play though so we next see her laying on the couch, having found a glass dildo which she was excited about. First using the texture edge of the toy to rub herself, she soon starts fucking herself with it and we note her nipples becoming more and more erect but she needed vibration to really get into things! She grabbed a tiny vibrator she had brought with her, which she often wears around her neck on a chain like a necklace…and we learn she likes to use it in her car when stuck in traffic in her personal life! She holds the toy against her clit and turns up the power and we see her increasing in pleasure until having her first orgasm of the day! After that we see her in a blue robe with a matching bra and panties set with high heels, popping her bra open in the front and spreading her legs as she’s introduced to the powerful vintage Vibraking toy. After trying it out on her pert nipples she uses it through the fabric of her panties, then once she’s used to how strong the vibrations are she slips out of her panties and we see her using the toy for maximum pleasure! After her orgasmic play she was ready to wind down so we next see her relaxing by a window, using her ice-cold water cup to stimulate her nipples making them stand straight out, then giving herself a hard butt massage before saying goodbye. A beautiful sensual and voluptuous blonde sharing her overflowing sexiness with us, right here on FTV MILFs!

Rates : 8