The Layover – Mercedes Carrera, Codey Steele (2017)

Codey Steele’s flight is delayed. He figures he’s got some time to kill and decides to book a massage. Mercedes Carrera asks him how long he has in order to recommend the best available package. With 4 hours to spare, she asks him to follow her into the next room. Taking off her clothes, he can’t help admire her perfect body. She undresses him as they enter the shower together.

They kiss and Mercedes starts lathering his body. When he asks her why the package is so expensive, she gets down on her knees and starts sucking his dick. Now understanding what he’s paid for, he starts enjoying the ride. Asking if he’s ready for the next part, she shuts off the water and leads him to a warm Jacuzzi for a back massage. Noticing the knots in his body she starts jerking him off to release some stress. Moving to the next phase, she has him lie down and begins oiling his body.

She climbs on top of him, oils herself up and slides up and down his tense body. Leaning back, she starts grinding her pussy on him. She has him turn around and begins oiling up his chest and body. Sitting up she slides up and down his dick which is now hard as a rock. She moves her pussy to his face and he starts eating her out, nice and wet she’s so turned on she just has to have his dick in her mouth. Moving down, she starts sucking it and savoring it until it’s time to put that inside her. Fucking him reverse cowgirl, fucking her from behind, he cums all over her pussy and stomach. It looks like, Codey and Mercedes, both got the full experience!!!

Rates : 18