Serene – Spreading The Warmth (2017)

Gorgeous busty blonde Serene is unpacking her luggage when we first meet her, wearing a sheer flowing dress as she shows all the shoes she brought and you can see from the light shining through that she’s not wearing any panties underneath. Taking down her top we are treated to our first glimpse of those large perfect breasts of hers, but it certainly won’t be the last! After trying on a few things she shows her unique personal style of masturbating, lying on her stomach and grinding against her hand…and with a jeweled buttplug inserted for anal pleasure and her fingers rubbing her clitoris we see her soon grind her way to her first orgasm of the day, followed by several more while straddling the arm of the couch! Next we see her outside a public office building in her blue top and tight jeans, flashing those big boobs and then squeezing them until she lactates a little for some kinky milking fun…an FTV MILFs first! After some more anal fingering and pussy play with spreads in public she heads back indoors for more fun, discovering the Vibraking vintage toy on the couch which she’d seen on the site and was excited to try out and of course she fell in love with it as it brought her to another strong leg-shaking orgasm! Afterwards it’s time for more anal play with the beaded glass toy, first using the thin end and then the thicker one, then we see her use the toy in combination with the Vibraking – we note how wet she gets from the stimulation – before trading it in for a larger black toy, giving her yet another strong climax followed by anal gaping. Next she changes into a sexy colorful bikini, heading outdoors to take a nice refreshing dip in the pool. She splashes around, letting her breasts out to play and bouncing them in the water before pulling her swimsuit bottoms aside to finger and rub herself before heading back inside, giving a glimpse of that perfect butt once again. For a sensual finish to the day we see her rubbing herself with coconut oil, enjoying a luxurious hard breast massage and tasting her own milk as she lactates again…and then using her own heel for sexual pleasure in a sort impromptu foot fetish scene! Serene is an absolutely beautiful MILF with a tight sexy body, and she is exploring all kinds of things about herself today…and loving every bit of orgasmic pleasure right here on FTV MILFs.

Rates : 10