Patrol 14 – Prostitution Sting takes pervert off the streets (2016)

Tonight we are going undercover into the city’s seedy underbelly. Looking for street rats come sniffing up the trash. Officer Green dressed up like a hooker to set up the bait. We mic’d up Officer Green and stationed some cops along the corners of 8th street. It didn’t take long before every piece of filth came weakling their way from the cracks to try to hit her up. Most of them were too broke to take the bait, but along the way one man looked to have enough cash to afford to make this pick up. When he said the magic word “GET IN” thats when we knew we had him. Officer Green yelled out the code word: ITS PLAYTIME. We rushed in and made our arrest. Turns out this would be criminal was a local business man, celebrating his big promotion and was looking for a little pussy. Big Mistake. We took him back to the Precinct and showed him what we do to Fucking perverts like him. We made him our bitch!! Officer Jane slapped him around and spit on his chest. We made him eat pussy and sniff our asses. Then, we made him take turns fucking us, while Officer Lopez filmed it. It’ll be a long time before we see him out in the streets again.

Rates : 15